Filip Assured the PDM Is Doing Well: "Those Who Left Were Not PDM Members"

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Pavel Filip assured the PDM is doing well and the party he heads has not suffered. Filip called rumors and false news the recently appeared information that a number of members of the party’s territorial organizations left the ranks of the formation. The Democratic leader claims that those who left the PDM were not even party members, wrote. “Two people left the PDM territorial organization in Orhei. The team remained intact. No one left anywhere. Ion Frunza who has long been out of the PDM left because he represents the Pro Moldova party. It was this character, a few months ago to come to one of our fellow deputies and offer him $ 300,000 for joining the Pro Moldova and $ 350,000 for joining the Shor party, Filip said. The Democrat’s leader claims that the second one to leave was Petru Stirbate, former PLDM member, who later joined the PDM and sued to every day apply for the hospital director’s position. “The rest of those on the list are not PDM members, and even if they are, I don’t know them. We are undergoing a media attack that gives the impression that something dramatic is happening in PDM. I was in Briceni this morning. People said that they are not going anywhere for sure and only two signed. Mr. Nichiforciu, Vilcu and Botnari invited the Briceni team to barbecue in Pererita and proposed it to sign this declaration, " Pavel Filip said. It should be noted that from Monday, August 24, members of the Territorial Organization of the Democratic Party from Orhei and Briceni announced they would leave the party, on Tuesday, August 25 while four other PDM district councilors from Nisporen declared themselves independent in the District Council. The council members signed a statement saying that the current leadership of the PDM "led to party’s destruction and degradation." On August 26, six mayors, four councilors and several members of the territorial organization Soldanesti announced they were leaving the PDM.