Dodon Informed He Is Leaving for Athos: "We’ll Pray for Our People and Moldova"

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President Igor Dodon confirmed he is leaving for Mount Athos, Greece to pray for "the people and Moldova, which must live in peace and unity." According to the head of state, now "we need the blessing of the monks more than ever," reported. “I will spend this weekend in humility and praying with the monks on Mount Athos. As in previous years, during this period, we will pray together for our people, for Moldova, which should live in peace and unity. This year we have passed and are going through very serious tests, so more than ever, we need the blessing of the monks with whom I am going to meet in the monasteries,” Dodon wrote. Igor Dodon also called on people to pray, because "we do have a difficult path awaiting us." “September is approaching, and it will bring new trials for our people. Schools will start working facing the pandemic, a number of other activities are resumed, and we still have a difficult road ahead of us in the context of global pandemic. In this regard, I urge all of you to spend these holidays in peace of mind and praying, send good thoughts to your loved ones, to the country, instill confidence that we will safely survive these difficult times,” the head of state also wrote. In his message, Dodon did not leave behind the political opponents to whom he also sent the message. “I also send good thoughts to those who are in political opposition to me, and if they try to make this a pretext for an election campaign against the president, I recommend that they do not take upon themselves at least this sin as they do already have enough” Dodon concluded. Recall, on Wednesday, August 26, the leader of Our Party Renato Usatii and deputy Iurie Renita announced that Igor Dodon was going to pay a visit to the Hellenic Republic. At a press conference, Usatii also presented a letter sent by the head of the State Security Service to the Director of the State Diplomatic Protocol of the MFAEI. The document says that Dodon will be accompanied by numerous state security officers. Later, Iurie Renita published the list of those who would accompany Igor Dodon during his visit to Greece.