Renato Usatii Announced His Nomination for Presidency

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On Independence Day, August 27, the chairman of Our Party, the mayor of Balti municipality Renato Usatii announced his participation in the presidential elections in Moldova. A month ago, Usatii turned to the citizens of Moldova with a request to let him know if they want him to be a presidential candidate. He asked people to record videos on mobile phones and post them on social networks if they think Usatii should run for presidency. During this month, he received tens of thousands of video messages, text messages and photos having the hashtags # RenatoUsatîiPreședinte and #RenatoUsatyPresident. Most of the messages in his support Usatii received from Balti residents, reported. “Thank you for your faith. It is very important to me. Most of the messages in my support I received from Balti residents. Thank you Balti! I have always said that I will only be a servant of the people and will only occupy the position that citizens of our country will entrust me. Your support came from all over Moldova - from Briceni and Ocnita, Cahul and Basarabca, Straseni and Anenii Noi, Floresti and Glodeni, Riscani and Drochia, from my native Falesti, from Gagauzia and from the capital Chisinau, from the diaspora - from everywhere. I apologize I cannot list everyone separately and personally shake hands with everyone. Thank you all and you have my deepest gratitude,” Usatii thanked people for supporting him. “I said the decision on whether to run for the presidency of Moldova or not should not take the party congress having at its back all former, current and future presidential candidates with their personal ambitions. The decision must be made by the people of Moldova. And today, on the Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova, in the name of each of you, on your behalf, I announce my decision to run in the presidential elections of the Republic of Moldova,” Usatii announced.