Trump Agreed Running for a New Term

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Donald Trump has officially agreed re-running for the US presidency from the Republican Party. He stated this on Thursday in his speech ending the congress of the Republican Party that lasted for four days. Traditionally, presidential candidates deliver this speech while in the same hall with thousands of congress delegates. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, both major US parties refused to hold "live" congresses: Democrats fully, Republicans in part. As a result, Trump addressed party members and Americans from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington in the presence of a large audience of more than 1,500 people. The press noted that many were not wearing protective masks. Trump's speech focused on three main themes: the tremendous successes of his administration; the great future of America; and the danger posed by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Trump promised that after defeating the "Chinese virus", the spread of which he said, China could but failed to contain, the United States would return to "record prosperity." He also promised that in the very near future America will create a COVID-19 vaccine. In his speech, Trump spent a lot of time describing the "catastrophe" that "awaits everyone and everything: from the stock market and energy to education and morality" if the Democrats win the elections. “Never before have voters faced clear elections between two parties, two visions of the future, two philosophies and two agendas. These elections will decide whether we can keep the American Dream or let the socialist program destroy our glorious destiny,” Trump said. Trump said Biden has deliberately and consistently deceived and traded his constituencies throughout his 47 years of political career. If Biden wins the election, China will become America's master, Trump said. During Trump's speech, Joe Biden posted several tweets. “When President Trump took office, he inherited a growing economy from the Obama-Biden administration. Like everything else he inherited in his life, he appropriated it,” “Donald Trump calls himself wartime president. However, now, instead of, he waves a white flag to spearhead the fight against coronavirus, "Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted. The US presidential election will be held on November 3.