Filat's Party Nominated Its Candidate for President

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The PLDM National Political Council has decided on the party's candidate for the upcoming presidential election. Following consultations with territorial organizations, the members of the Council unanimously decided to nominate Tudor Deliu for the presidential elections, which are scheduled for November 1, 2020, the formation said in a press release. The decision on a PLDM candidate in the elections participation separately or as part of an electoral bloc in the presidential elections in November this year, was made on June 20 by the National Political Council of the party. Subsequently, this decision was confirmed on August 16 at the party congress. The decision to nominate their own candidate was made a few days after the Liberal Democrats' initiative to create an electoral bloc with PAS and DA Platform was rejected. Party Chairman Vlad Filat noted that Tudor Deliu has all the necessary qualities and meets all the conditions to skillfully and adequately fulfill the duties of the head of state.