Pavel Filip: Parliamentary Coalition Is Very Fragile

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The leader of the Democratic Party Pavel Filip commented on the situation inside the political formation he heads, and also spoke about the parliamentary coalition. In his interview to Radio Europa Libera, Filip spoke about how much functional the PDM-PSRM coalition will be in his opinion. “This coalition is very fragile. Despite the fact that Andronachi and Nichiforciuc announced that they will continue to support the government, there are still many questions, and this equation needs to be solved. If we find out that there’s someone behind this and someone's interests are being pursued, then we will definitely make decisions, as usual, at the Executive Bureau or even the National Political Council, meeting” Pavel Filip said. When asked if at some point the parliamentary majority could disappear, the leader of the Democratic Party replied: “I want to open the brackets and convey to everyone: I never set myself the goal of being in power, being in a coalition. The Democratic Party has its own path, we have the principles behind the reset of this party and we’ll follow them, regardless of whether we enter the coalition or leave the coalition. If this majority does not exist, this will absolutely not affect our path. We joined this coalition to help the Republic of Moldova. We have delegated people to the government who do their job well, and we are proud of them. They provide a balance to not just walk the path that the socialists see. And in many cases it succeeded. If we see that we cannot contribute or cannot control things, of course, we will not be in this coalition by any means,” Philip said.