Andrian Candu Will Run for President

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The Pro Moldova Party has decided on its candidate for November 1 presidential elections. The National Political Council of the formation decided on September 1, it would be the chairman of the party, Andrian Candu. “This is a great honor for me. We understand how important this is for the country. We will run a campaign. We will inform citizens about what presidential elections mean. The incumbent president discredited this position. We are talking about roads, justice, salaries and pensions. He really has nothing to do with. The President must present medals and awards. Those who promise lies are either liars or usurpers,” Candu said. Earlier, the leader of the Dignity and Truth Platform party, Andrei Nastase, the chairman of the Action and Solidarity party Maia Sandu, and the leader of the Liberal Party Dorin Chirtoaca, announced their participation in November 1, 2020 presidential elections. In addition, on July 25, the National Unity Party (PUN) nominated its chairman, Octavian Cicu, as its presidential candidate. In addition, on August 27, the media reported that the Shor party would nominate the current deputy Violetta Ivanov for the presidential elections. The political formation neither confirmed nor denied this information. The party said they are currently considering three candidates. The Democratic Party will also have its own candidate, but the formation has not yet announced who exactly.