Merkel Defended Nord Stream 2

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The German Chancellor is not afraid of extraterritorial US sanctions and confirms her determination to complete the construction of the gas pipeline. It has become an important factor for the economy of the German region. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed the determination of the German authorities to complete the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. She made the corresponding statement on Tuesday, September 1, in the city of Stralsund in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern while visiting her constituency in northeastern Germany, where she has been elected to the Bundestag from, since 1990. Thus, Merkel reacted to the three US senators threating to impose American economic sanctions against such enterprises in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as the port of Mukran, if they would further assist in the construction of Nord Stream 2. "We consider these extraterritorial sanctions, which go beyond US territory, to be illegal," Merkel said. Merkel has visited her constituency for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. She met with representatives of medical and educational institutions and said that the further course of the pandemic requires "prioritization." “The economy should continue to work as much as possible,” she said. The Nord Stream 2 under construction is becoming an important factor for the economy of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the dpa agency notes.