Usatii about Chicu's Possible Resignation: Dodon and DPM Will Imitate War

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Renato Usatii said that the current Prime Minister Ion Chicu could resign in the near future, not voluntarily but as a result of an unspoken agreement between Igor Dodon and the Democratic Party. According to the Mayor of Balti, the possible resignation of Ion Chicu will take place as a result of a "political war", which will be imitated by the PDM and PSRM, reported. “Today Dodon is playing a game, realizing that he will lose the presidential elections, and so, not to be left without work for a long time, he is negotiating with the Democratic Party. They will simulate a war between PDM and PSRM for Dodon to show citizens want early elections, and the country's president does what people wants. At the moment, a hidden political game is being played. Dodon wants early elections as soon as possible, since he knows he will lose in the presidential elections. They have been discussing this topic for 2 days already. Dodon says: “Let's initiate early elections. You will say that you are with Europe, I will say that the Republic of Moldova must be cleared”. This is the scenario that they have been using for 30 years,” Renato Usatii said on the air of the program on JurnalTV. Renato Usatii stressed that the possible resignation of Chicu will not happen on his own initiative but only on the orders of Dodon. “This resignation will by no means be sincere. If he had even an ounce of conscience, he would have resigned for what happened in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But no, he claims that only relatives were at the wedding. Chicu is waiting for Dodon to tell him to resign. Now they will demonstrate that they are doing everything for the country’s sake. They will imitate the conflict between PDM and PSRM. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is preparing Babuc for presidential elections,” Usatii concluded.