Trump Announced "Historic Agreement" between Kosovo and Serbia

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Serbia and the partially internationally recognise (but not recognise by Belgrade) republic of Kosovo have reached an agreement to normalize economic relations. This stated US President Donald Trump at a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House with Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic and Kosovar Prime Minister Avdulla Hoti. It is not about Serbia recognizing Kosovo's independence or about a comprehensive political agreement between Belgrade and Pristina. Vucic stressed that the agreement was not concluded directly with Kosovo but through the United States’ mediation. According to him, the document does not recognize Kosovo as a subject of international law. In turn, the prime minister of Kosovo expressed the opinion that the agreement should lead to mutual recognition. Trump's national security adviser Robert O'Brien expressed the opinion that the current agreement could form the basis for the political settlement. It was also announced that Israel will recognize Kosovo and establish diplomatic relations with it. The United States took on the role of mediator and arranged the meeting for Vucic and Kosovar President Hashim Thaci back in June, but Thaci was forced to cancel the trip due to war crimes that International Criminal Court indicted to him. He denies accusations. Kosovo has not been controlled by Serbia since the 1999 NATO operation. In 2008, it declared its independence recognise by the United States and most of the EU countries. Those who recognise the Kosovo independence are more in number (like most of the UN member states) than those states who do not recognize it. Among the latest one can find: permanent members of the UN Security Council, Russia and China.