Igor Dodon Runs for the Second Presidential Term

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Igor Dodon has been officially nominated for the presidency of the Republic of Moldova. After a long period with no definite answer to this question, today Dodon applied to the Central Election Commission (CEC) to register an initiative group that will collect signatures in his support,  agora.md reported. The initiative group for registering a candidate for the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova is headed by Vlad Batrincea. “I made the decision to participate in the presidential elections being supported by the Republic of Moldova’s citizens, with a firm conviction that it is necessary to continue the social and economic initiatives that were implemented during my first term as president. It wasn't easy. At the first stage, we had to deal with an oligarchic regime that we had to overthrow, at the second one to deal with the pandemic, drought and problems that Moldova had never faced before. I think I coped with. In the context of the economic crisis, the pandemic our country needs stability and continuation of good things. We must be very careful with those irresponsible politicians who are fighting for revenge while under the tutelage of outside forces. I believe that Moldova needs a strong, responsible leader, respecting the country and its citizens, respecting traditional values and having only the citizenship of this state. I hope this will be a democratic campaign. May God help us!” Dodon said after submitting documents to the CEC.