US Ambassador: Pandemic Slowed Down Negotiations on Transdniestria

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One of the reasons for the negotiation process on the Transdniestrian settlement slowdown is the coronavirus pandemic, - Derek Hogan, the US Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova said. He stated this on Tuesday at the meeting with the Transdniestrian Head of State in Tiraspol, discussing negotiations between Chisinau and Tiraspol, reported. According to the press service of the Tiraspol leader, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted “the stagnation of the negotiation process, the Moldovan side’s failure to comply with the reached agreements, the unilateral withdrawal of Moldova from the vehicle registration points functioning (obtaining neutral registration plates), cases of libel against the Transdniestrian side (for example, on topics related to the pandemic)”. He confirmed that "the establishment of COVID posts is a forced measure of an exclusively humanitarian nature, aimed at preventing the import of the virus, and as soon as the epidemiological situation in both republics stabilizes, they will be removed." The Tiraspol leader drew attention to the fact that “despite the desire to find a compromise that head of the Moldovan state, Igor Dodon demonstrates, in practice, there is no progress in the negotiations as of today”. For his part, he inquired about the American Ambassador ‘s opinion" regarding the causes of the current situation and who or what is the force opposing the negotiation process."