Usatii Believes It Is Only Him and Sandu to Seriously Compete with Dodon in the Elections

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"In the upcoming presidential election campaign, Igor Dodon will act only against two competitors - the chairman of the Action and Solidarity Party, Maia Sandu and me as the leader of Our Party," Renato Usatii believes. On Thursday, in an online Facebook chat with supporters he noted that Dodon is preparing "a very dirty election campaign," reported. "They will make up stories about us. But if I reach the second round, then little will remain of Dodon. There won't even be any minced meat left. It would be easier for him with Sandu. Ms. Maia Sandu is an honest person. She has slightly different views than mine, how to fight corruption in Moldova. But if I am in the second round, I will tell Dodon a lot about him. And there’ll be hell to pay, " the OP leader threatened. According to him, in the hope of becoming president for the second time, Dodon hired as journalists from the fugitive oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc’s media holding, as "trolls and PR technologies advisers." "He works according to Plahotniuc's training manuals. It was not Vladimir Voronin who was his teacher, as Dodon once said but Plahotniuc. And his team now serves your interests," the politician said, stating that "Dodon pays some TV channels so that they do not invite certain people on the air. " Usatii accused Plahotniuc and Dodon of stealing one of the OP program’s clause saying that Moldova should become "a bridge between East and West." "But Dodon has not done anything in this direction for four years. And again in this campaign they are preparing to divide citizens into Russians and Romanians, according to the geopolitical principle. Although I believe that we are all one big family. The OP will conduct an honest campaign - without "canned meat" and bribery", he promised. Usatii does not think that Dodon is ready to spend 2 million euros on transporting voters from Transdniestria so that they would vote for him for money. "Ms. Maia Sandu, this will not happen. He simply has no money. For all this time he managed twist round his finger both the Sheriff company and Vadim Krasnoselsky. He wanted to negotiate this in Moscow, but they refused, and Transdniestria flipped him off... So there will be no delivery. Another problem is the impossibility to use the PSRM’s symbol the star, in the campaign. As an independent candidate he cannot do this according to the law. But I can offer him a very recognizable image connected to him The Bag. and he will definitely not be confused with anyone," Usatii quipped.