Zelensky Thanked Merkel for the Support in Donbass

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The President of Ukraine and the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany talked before the meeting of the advisers to the leaders of the Normandy Four. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked Germany "for its unwavering support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty" of Ukraine. The telephone conversation of the Ukrainian leader and German Chancellor Angela Merkel took place on Thursday, September 10, on the eve of the Normandy Four leaders' advisors meeting (Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine) scheduled for September 11 in Berlin. "Thank you for assessing our efforts towards the ceasefire in Donbass and towards a peaceful settlement. Achieving peace remains a key priority for me and for all Ukrainians," the press service of the presidential office quoted Zelensky. The head of the Ukrainian state informed Merkel about the security situation in Donbass and the efforts of the Ukrainian side to achieve peace in the region. Hope for specific solutions in Berlin The leaders of the two countries noted the importance of further steps coordination towards a peaceful settlement and expressed as well hope the September 11 meeting would bring clear decisions that would lead to negotiations between the leaders of the Normandy Four. Zelensky announced the meeting of advisers The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky earlier announced the meeting of the heads of state advisers will take place at the end of August. According to him, the event was confirmed by the participants in the meeting of the trilateral contact group on Donbass. Zelensky added that the Normandy format foreign ministers should first meet and afterwards should meet leaders of the countries. Meanwhile, the meeting of advisers, scheduled for August 28, was postponed "due to the lack of agreement on the draft final documents or disagreements on the part of Germany, France and Ukraine," Interfax-Ukraine reported.