Michalko: There Are Areas the EU Sees No Satisfactory Progress In

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The Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, Peter Michalko, claims that the EU does not see satisfactory progress in the Republic of Moldova in terms of the reform of justice, investigation of banking fraud or the fight against corruption. In this context, the Ambassador calls on those responsible for decision-making to do whatever necessary to change reality and achieve European standards within institutions functioning. The statements were made on Monday, September 14, at a press conference, ipn.md reported Generally, Peter Michalko says, cooperation between the EU and Moldova is based on “promoting aid instead of conditions” principle, and this helps ensuring the necessary changes take place. “There are important goals in relations with Moldova aimed at helping citizens,” the ambassador added. The Association Agreement with the European Union and the Agreement on the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area remain the basis for the EU's relations with Moldova. Peter Michalko says the EU remains open to promoting reforms and cooperation, including modernizing and improving living standards, through infrastructure projects and supporting changes in institutions functioning. The Ambassador notes that EU assistance will be provided taking into account the course of reforms. According to him, over the past years, more than a thousand projects have been implemented with the EU support, and for more than ten years more than 20 billion lei have been invested in projects. Programs to support rural settlements and local infrastructure have been initiated. Energy efficiency programs are ongoing. In the coming months, 18 major projects will focus on changing conditions in schools and other government institutions in the country. The ambassador added that COVID-19 has provoked new problems in every country. From the very beginning, the EU came up with an initiative to support partners, including the Republic of Moldova. The ambassador added that EU institutions, member states, European companies in Moldova, diplomatic missions began to support Moldova and Moldovan citizens. Medical needs were met and efforts were combined to revive the economy.