Moldova Is the Largest EU Aid Recipient per Capita

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Only over the past 10 years the European Union has invested more than 1 billion euros in projects launched in the Republic of Moldova. The money was distributed to over 1000 projects in various fields. At the same time, the EU eventually became the main economic partner, in 2018 70% of exports and 50% of the country's total trade were directed to the European market, informed. Moldova is the largest EU aid recipient per capita in the European Neighborhood. A lot of projects implemented with European support and funding can now be seen on the digital map. “We want to show how strong our partnership is and inspire people across the country to be proactive in their efforts to make positive change where they live, because we see enthusiasm and energy spread across the country. Living conditions in communities are changing. We are developing new programs to support these initiatives,” said EU Ambassador Peter Michalko during the Infotag press conference. Listing the projects carried out over the past 10 years whose number exceeds 1000, the EU Ambassador emphasized that there are initiative groups in the countryside of the Republic of Moldova, and the EU supports them through the Leader program. Other new programs are designed to support rural communities, targeted projects and local infrastructure. "We continue the already existing energy efficiency programs, for example, in relation to schools. In just two months we will make progress in the implementation of 18 major projects that will change the conditions in schools and other public institutions throughout the country," Peter Michalko said. “In general, we will support projects related to economic development and market opportunities. Projects worth 97 million euros are underway. We will also focus on the area of "good governance" - the rule of law standards. The project is underway for 165 million euros. In the field of ecology, energy efficiency, these are projects worth 212 million euros. And in other areas, such as people-to-people contacts, mobility - projects worth almost 20 million euros. For communication and gender equality - projects worth 26 million euros ", - the EU Ambassador listed. At the same time, Peter Michalko assured that the European side will continue supporting the Republic of Moldova’s development trend investing in projects aimed at improving the environment and living conditions of Moldovan citizens.