Vladimir Bolea: Alliance between PDS and PSRM Is Impossible

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The Action and Solidarity Party no longer wants to be a beautiful and European backdrop for a government that is inactive. This statement made the deputy from the PDS Vladimir Bolea on the air of the Ostalep LIVE program last Friday. The parliamentarian said that the party he is a member of does not consider the possibility of a new alliance with the PSRM and accused the socialists of unwillingness to reform the judicial system of the Republic of Moldova, tvc.md reported. Vladimir Bolea does not think that the party he represents would be able to create a new alliance with the Party of Socialists after Maia Sandu’s cabinet is dismissed. The MP believes that the main problem in the Republic of Moldova is the judicial system, which needs to urgently be reformed. And this, according to him, is impossible while the PSRM is in power. “At this stage, given how the Socialist Party is manifesting itself, we cannot reform the justice system, because they have ignored us: they removed Maia Sandu from the post of prime minister and dismissed the government she headed, when they reached the point of reforming the Justice System in the Republic of Moldova. So, we creating a coalition with the PSRM? And where will this lead to? We do not want to be a beautiful, European and super-civilized background for a government that does nothing,” Bolea said. We tried to get comments from PSRM representatives on the MP from the PDS statement but the press secretary of the Socialist Party Irina Astahova did not answer either calls or messages. Vladimir Bolea also believes it is necessary to attract foreign specialists to create an honest and transparent judicial system in Moldova. At present, according to him, the level of deputies’ trust is even less than that of judges. The parliamentarian compared the country's judicial structures with those that exist in some "banana republics". In conclusion, the MP noted that Moldova has a huge economic potential and thanks to agreements signed with the European Union and the CIS countries, it has access to the market with a population of about 900 million people. However, due to an ineffective judicial system and unproductive external relations this potential is not realized.