In UN Speech, Putin Proposed to Lift Sanctions

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Vladimir Putin also complained about the “deficit of kindness” between the countries and called for the removal of restrictions, both in medicine and in the economy. Russian President Vladimir Putin called for clearing the “world economy of “illegitimate sanctions,” he said during his speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, September 22. Putin’s speech was the first since 2015. Thus, Putin predicted a long recovery of the world economy after the coronavirus crisis and an increase in unemployment. In this regard, he proposed to lift the “illegitimate sanctions” without specifying what sanctions and against whom are meant. The Russian president also complained about the “lack of kindness” between the countries. “In healthcare, just like in economy, restrictions must be removed,” Putin said, adding that Russia has been providing a lot of assistance to other countries in this area, including in the fight against coronavirus. “The accumulated clinical experience of Russian doctors allowed Russia to register the Sputnik V vaccine, the first in the world, which has proven its reliability, safety and effectiveness,” the President of the Russian Federation says. Putin offered UN staff Russia’s Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine free of charge. “Russia is ready to provide the UN with all the necessary assistance and provide the organization with a free vaccine to vaccinate its employees,” he added. In addition, Putin demanded a ban on the deployment of weapons in space and the restoration of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START III), which he blamed the United States for breaking. According to him, Russia is proposing for the future to conclude “a legally binding international document banning the deployment of weapons in outer space.” Finally, Putin promised to hold a meeting of the heads of the five leading world powers, members of the UN Security Council, after the coronavirus pandemic, which will “reaffirm common security agreements.” He also praised the work of the UN and its Security Council and stressed the importance of the veto power in the UN Security Council, which five victorious nuclear powers in World War II have. It is the veto tool in the Security Council that prevents conflicts, including military ones, between major countries, Putin concluded. Recall that earlier Trump, in his UN speech, called to punish China for the coronavirus. The American president has more than once blamed China for the spread of the coronavirus in the world. Now, he did it at the UN General Assembly.