Dodon Stated on Is the Country to Introduce New Restrictions Due to Coronavirus

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President Igor Dodon said that the government will not introduce new restrictions for entrepreneurs work and will not stop the educational process in institutions due to the coronavirus. After the weekly meeting with Prime Minister and the Speaker on 28 September, Dodon said that hospitals are now coping with the epidemiological situation. As Dodon noted, there are still places in hospitals, despite the increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus. Dodon said that only 40% of places are occupied in children's hospitals in the country, and 75% of places in other hospitals. Dodon is confident that the medical system is coping with the epidemiological situation, there are all the necessary medicines, tests and protective equipment. According to Dodon, there are many cases of coronavirus infection in parliament, including many cases of infection among MPs. However, despite the increase in the incidence, authorities will not yet introduce new restrictions, Dodon assured. “We do not consider possibilities to stop economic activity in Moldova due to the situation with the coronavirus. We must empower companies and enterprises to operate and we will continue to manage the situation. The same applies to the education system. At this stage, owning present figures, we do not consider any option to stop the educational process in the country,” Dodon said, noting that local authorities and the educational institutions leadership (where cases of infection were recorded) will themselves make a decision whether to continue the educational process or not. Recall, from October 1, country regions will set "red, orange, yellow or green" hazard levels due to the risk of COVID-19 coronavirus spread. Quarantine restrictions will change depending on the level. It should be noted that new anti-records for the number of infected were registered in Moldova last week. On September 26, 868 people showed positive with coronavirus per day. Since the beginning of the epidemic, there were 50,875 coronavirus confirmed cases; out of them 37,842 have recovered; 1,287 have died. At the moment, 11,746 people are being treated.