Chicu: Budget Situation Is Stabilizing Even Despite the Pandemic

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Yesterday, October 1, during a working visit to the Ialoveni region, Prime Minister Ion Chicu met with representatives of local authorities to discuss local problems and solutions to overcome them. Ion Chicu informed the audience about the budgetary situation this year and the trends observed within budget revenues amount in the third quarter, reported. “Budget situation is stabilizing, even despite the pandemic. The government will fulfill all its obligations to citizens. 660 thousand pensioners and low-income citizens will receive a 900 lei one-time benefit. The government will continue its policy of supporting financially vulnerable segments of the population,” the prime minister stressed. The head of the executive branch spoke about the need to continue investing in infrastructure, including in the Ialoveni region. In this regard, in 2020 the government allocated about 1 billion lei for city roads repair while the Ialoveni region received more than 100 million lei for state, local, communal public roads maintenance. “With infrastructure restoration we will contribute to improving the standard of living in localities and offer young people more job opportunities,” the Prime Minister added. Ion Chicu also spoke about the problem of unauthorized landfills, which requires an approach at both the central and local levels. “We have plans to build collection and recycling of solid waste infrastructurebut it is also important to address problems at the local level. We must apply sanctions to those who throw waste in unauthorized places,” the Prime Minister said. Representatives of local authorities discussed with the Prime Minister the need for capital repairs of cultural buildings and educational institutions in several settlements, the problem of water supply, the lack of sewerage and the risk of flooding when rivers flooding. Ion Chicu said that the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment will carry out an inventory of the country's rivers and launch a cleaning program. “We have unpleasant situations due to floods in several areas, we must eliminate the cause, because the damage will cost us more,” the head of the Executive Power said. Ion Chicu noted that the dialogue with representatives of local authorities will continue through government representatives on the territory.