Nastase: Slusari Will Become Prime Minister If I Win Elections

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During the campaign launching, the DA Platform leader and presidential candidate Andrei Nastase said that if he wins he will appoint Alexandru Slusari as prime minister. “Together with all my colleagues from the DA Platform, we decided that from the very beginning of this election campaign we will offer a comprehensive, professional and highly responsible solution for the future of Moldova. To achieve the above goals, we propose to appoint Alexandru Slusari as prime minister immediately after winning the presidential election. He is the vice-chairman of parliament, chairman of the parliamentary commission to investigate the billion theft. This is a special person, an excellent professional, a personality with character. In our opinion, Alexandru Slusari is the best solution for leading a competent, pro-European and highly responsible government. The government that I as the future President of the Republic of Moldova, together with all of you, honest and courageous people of this country, will restore Moldova with,” Andrei Nastase said, quoted. Later, Alexandru Slusari also made a speech and said that such an offer was a great honor for him, and the whole team was ready to work. “I am honored with this idea and proposal; I know very well what needs to be done. I declare with full responsibility that the DA Platform is ready to take over the management of this country in this more than difficult period,” Alexandru Slusari said.