Tanase on a Billion Fraud: Getting Even a Dollar Back Has Little Chances

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The Constitutional Court’s ex-President Alexandru Tanase noted that it’s been a while, so it is almost impossible to get the money stolen from Moldova’s banking system back. He shared this in a program on TVC-21. “Stoianoglo is a good prosecutor, I have known him for many years. He has always been guided by the right motives. He was the first to talk about the prosecutor’s lawlessness, he took responsibility for reviewing political cases. I am sure that he will do everything correctly,” Tanase said. Pressure on the Prosecutor General’s Office in connection with the theft of a billion is enormous, he added. “Everyone is waiting for the results. When deputies have nothing to present to the public, they demand to hear the Prosecutor General. This is how they are hyping and talking about their efforts to return a billion. But it’s not about that. No one has the courage to tell the truth. It’s been many years since the theft of a billion. The chances of getting back at least $ 1 are negligible,” Tanase stressed. He added that the Prosecutor General’s Office should be left alone to be able to work properly on this case. “A political and public pressure makes the Prosecutor General bend all his efforts to consider this case. It is necessary to deal with current affairs in the country. Do you think there are no schemes right now and things are smooth here? Instead, the theft of a billion investigation takes all energy,” Tanase added. He said that the same scam took place in Romania 15 years ago, there was no hysteria, prosecutors were left alone so that they could work, and after 10 years all the perpetrators were brought to justice.