EU and Ukraine Are to Update the Association Agreement

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Four main directions for updating the Association Agreement were identified at the Ukraine-EU summit. Ukraine and the European Union arranged to update the Association Agreement following a bilateral summit in Brussels. This reported Evropeyskaya Pravda with reference to a statement following the summit on Tuesday, October 6. According to the text of the document, the parties expect "further advancement of economic integration and regulatory convergence within the framework of the Association Agreement." The summit defined directions for updating the agreement: digital market, environmental protection, combating climate change (including Ukraine's role in the Green Deal policy) and financial cooperation. Preliminary work in these areas has already begun. It is indicated that disputes between Ukrainian and European diplomats over the clause on agreement updating wording continued until the last moment. In the end, the final statement included words about deeper economic integration, as Ukraine insisted, the message informed. Earlier it was reported that a number of agreements were signed at the Ukraine-EU summit. As a result, the European Union will finance Ukraine with 150 million euros for a number of programs.