Dodon: Moldova Must Become a Presidential Republic

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Igor Dodon does not rule out that he will propose to organize a national referendum so that Moldova becomes a presidential republic. The head of state said this during the Igor Dodon Answers program. “I think we should do this. 2001-2004 was a perfect time for this, when Voronin had a constitutional majority in parliament. It will be more difficult today, I do not expect a constitutional majority in parliament in the near future to support this initiative. However, I have assigned the constitutional commission to prepare amendments to the Supreme Law and will propose them during a referendum,” Dodon explained, reports. The President also said that he would not be able to take advantage of these amendments, even if he was elected the head of state for the second and last time. “I do not want more powers for myself, these are powers for the future president. There is a mess now. The president is elected by the people, but he cannot act. It is good that the head of state is now backed by the parliamentary majority. But let’s remember what was happening during the oligarchic regime,” Dodon said.