Slusari: Prospect for Dodon-Sor Party Coalition Has Emerged

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Vice-Chairman of the Parliament, Platform DA MP, Alexandru Slusari claims that recently “there has been a possibility for a coalition between the incumbent President Igor Dodon and the Sor political party. The statements were made on Friday evening, October 9, on the air of the Cotidianul Live show, reports. According to Slusari, the DPM, which is currently in power with the PSRM, “is concerned about this possible coalition between Dodon and the Sor Party”. “It seems to me that Sor’s group plays its own game, and at the moment I see more and more signs of a coalition between Dodon and Sor. I noticed that back in June, during a vote of no confidence. Igor Dodon no longer talks about Sor as a problem, we see what is happening with his affairs. Dodon is as close as possible to a coalition with the Sor Party, and it seems to me that the Democratic Party is worried about this possible alliance. DPM also admits that Dodon may conclude agreements with Plahotniuc. If they have agreed or not, I don’t know. Igor Dodon has an electorate that accepts whatever you want. However, if Vlad Plahotniuc returns to the country, it will be too much even for this electorate. It seems to me that Dodon is already losing part of the voters after an agreement with Sor party came into view. Part of Dodon’s electorate will react to this coalition,” Slusari said.