Armenia and Azerbaijan Continue Suffer Losses During Truce Days

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On Monday, the Ministry of Defense of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic twice refilled the list of dead Armenian soldiers adding 96 more names to it. In the chronicle of the Karabakh war, published on the website of the Russian service of the BBC, it is noted that Monday is the third day when the ceasefire should operate in the region. According to the Armenian command, on the 16th day of the new war in Karabakh, Armenian losses amounted to 525 people. It should be noted, however, that not all 96 soldiers included in the list on Monday died that day. "The data on those killed in the fighting is late and incomplete and Armenian military themselves admit it," the publication says. The Azerbaijani side claims the strike on the city of Ganja on Sunday night was carried out by Elbrus tactical missile and ten people were killed in this strike (previously it was reported that nine were killed). In principle, Azerbaijan does not publish its combat losses but informs journalists only about the number of civilians who died under shelling. Their number on Monday increased to 42. The General Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan reported that a young woman died in the hospital being wounded in a rocket attack on the city of Ganja. According to a BBC correspondent from Stepanakert, on Monday the capital of the unrecognized NKR was not subjected to shelling – being frequently bombing in the previous days.