Lavrov Criticized US Actions in Moldova and Transcaucasia

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The United States is behaving rudely and shamelessly in Moldova and the Transcaucasus republics, Russia will not resort to such methods, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. “They (the United States) behave rudely, impolitely, shamelessly, although they are trying to teach everyone to respect the right of each nation to choose their own destiny. They are trying to form this right through their embassies, as it was in Kiev during the two Maidans, everyone knows perfectly well where and how many FBI and CIA representatives are located there in official government buildings,” Lavrov said in an interview with three Russian radio stations, including Radio Sputnik, reports. He added that the American side is now doing the same in Moldova. “We see this. Even from the public statements of the American ambassador. They promote their interests in the republics of the Transcaucasus, we also see and know this. But I am convinced that we should not act using such methods,” the minister said.