Kravchuk Announced Donbass Reintegration Stages

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Leonid Kravchuk believes that the Ukrainian authorities should adopt a package of laws for a successful region reintegration. The head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Donbas TCG Leonid Kravchuk believes that to achieve peace in the east, the Ukrainian authorities must adopt a package of laws on region's reintegration. He said this on the air Ukraine 24 on Tuesday, October 20. Kravchuk added that the issue of reintegration is complex and should include:
  • Ending the war;
  • Holding elections in uncontrolled territories;
  • Forming executive power in the uncontrolled territories;
  • Adopting an economic nature laws package (including laws that create conditions for investment and business).
"This is a huge array of documents, which includes the period of the war, after the war and the period of inclusion of the uncontrolled territories in the system of Ukrainian power," Kravchuk said. Recall, earlier Zelensky announced plans for Donbass reintegration. After achieving peace in eastern Ukraine, the head of state intends to begin reintegration, based on amnesty. It was reported as well that the JFO announced launching a new checkpoint. Opening the Shchastia Entry-Exit Checkpoint is scheduled for November 10. Its expected entry-exit capacity is 10-15 thousand people per day.