Dodon Urged Sandu to Take Responsibility for the Domestic Situation

The current president, Igor Dodon, claims that his successor, Maia Sandu, has four possible scenarios after taking office.

He believes that Sandu will take the path of the “worst scenario” and urges her to take responsibility for the management, reports.

According to Igor Dodon, “the first scenario is cooperation with the current government and the parliamentary leadership”. “If they decide to retain the current government, there are no problems: the PAS has 15 mandates, the PSRM has 37,” Dodon said.

The second scenario, according to Dodon, is a no-confidence vote by the PAS and DA Platform, “They will need to find votes to dismiss the government,” the incumbent president stressed.

Scenario number three – immediate negotiations with the parliamentary factions in order to find a solution.

“To find a new parliamentary majority, vote for a new government or early elections,” Dodon explained.

The fourth scenario, which Dodon considers “the worst” one, “The new president will try to portray himself as a victim, will address the current government with populist demands, without claiming his resignation. This will lead to a deadlock period,” the head of state said.

“If people voted for you, be so kind to take responsibility. Overthrow this government, create another, take responsibility for the pandemic and the budget. We are ready to help you. We will even vote for the new government if you take responsibility,” Dodon urged.