Dodon Criticized Sandu for Consulting with NGOs and Compared Her to Plahotniuc

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Party of Socialists Igor Dodon criticized the decision of President Maia Sandu to discuss a way out of the political crisis with representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). As Dodon said on March 5 on the air of the video blog "The President is Responsible", the former leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc acted in the same way, "when he wanted to push some strange idea." “We see that Maia Sandu has started consultations with civil society. I think this is know-how for Moldova and not only for our country. When a way out of the crisis is sought not by politicians, but by civil society, NGOs. By the way, this reminds me of how some time ago, when Plahotniuc wanted to promote some strange idea, he consulted with a loyal civil society. The question arises, what has changed? The same thing is happening now. Those who are loyal to the presidential administration are invited to consultations to discuss a way out of the crisis. And what authority do they have? The way out of the political crisis can only be discussed by political players, institutions - the presidential administration, parliament, political parties,” Dodon said, noting that now there is no such dialogue between the main political players. Dodon spoke about three scenarios according to which the further political situation in the country may develop. First, it is a dialogue between the president and parliamentary factions, which can lead either to the appointment of a new government or to early parliamentary elections. According to the second scenario, the current situation will continue for two more years, until the next parliamentary elections. “The third scenario is a legal solution to the problem. That is, the Constitutional Court can make a decision and transfer the powers of the president to other departments. Or amendments to the Constitution will be proposed, which can be initiated by 34 deputies,” Dodon said. At the same time, he noted that early elections will not significantly change the situation in parliament. “Dialogue will also be needed, but after the early elections. Yes, you will have to spend 120 million lei, which can be used to buy a million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine. A million doses of vaccines means that all retirees, doctors, teachers and government employees will be vaccinated. And what are the priorities? Let's define. But this requires a dialogue,” Dodon said. Recall, on March 4, President Maia Sandu held a new round of consultations on the possibilities of overcoming the political crisis in the country. The head of state met with representatives of civil society and experts in the field of constitutional law. "All the participants in the discussion agreed that the country needs early elections, a parliament with responsible deputies and a stable government that will fight corruption and lead the country out of the crisis," Sandu said after the meeting.