Peter Michalko: Corruption in Moldova Is Extremely High

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EU Ambassador Peter Michalko believes that early elections in Moldova are necessary to overcome the political crisis. Moreover, he reiterated when people involved in banking fraud participate in the appointment of the government is a matter of concern, reports. According to the diplomat, political will is the most important factor in overcoming the current crisis: "We saw what happened in parliament in December, when a new majority voted in favor of highly controversial laws, including those that contradicted Moldova's obligations to development partners, including the EU, and contradicted legislative norms or parliamentary procedures that must be followed. I have heard that all politicians, all parties are in favor of early elections, but I have also seen how some politicians change their minds very often. This situation can only be changed by decision-makers in Moldova," the EU representative said. When asked how the EU views the political crisis, as well as the possible appointment of a government with the support of the Shor party, Michalko reiterated that "it is very alarming that people involved in banking fraud are participating in the formation of a new government." "The EU has long been standing by its position. We expect that the institutions of the Republic of Moldova will continue to fight corruption, investigate banking fraud, and there should be no place for personal interests in the system of democratic politics in Moldova, because this generates corruption, and corruption in Moldova is extremely high," the Ambassador added.