Ostalep: Dodon Ia About to be Removed from the PSRM Chairman Post

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Former Deputy Foreign Minister Valeriu Ostalep believes that the socialists are looking for someone to replace Igor Dodon as the party leader. "Dodon knows that he is about to be removed soon. He will be likely removed because he is a problem for the PSRM. With Dodon, the socialists do not even enter the parliament, and everyone understands this very well. They just haven’t found a candidate yet. Dodon is aware of all these events, he is afraid, and if he sees any way out, he will for sure be the first to run to the early elections. He has already started this fuss meeting with people and forming the ground, because he hopes to retain his position, but there are big doubts that he will succeed. Did Mrs. Greceanii visit Moscow? I think that even Dodon does not know what she was doing there," Valeriu Ostalep said on the air of the program on the Jurnal TV channel. According to Ostalep, the upcoming resignation of Igor Dodon from the post of PSRM chairman, as well as the attacks to which the Prosecutor General is being subjected, will accelerate the start of early elections. “Early elections can be arranged much faster than some people think. Very dangerous games are unfolding around the figure of the General Prosecutor, in terms of his personality and attacks on his family. I understand very well what is happening, why they want to remove him and who he is standing in the way. A very serious political scandal is ahead," Valeriu Ostalep said. Neither Igor Dodon, nor PSRM representatives have yet commented on these statements.