Slusari Criticized the Possible Expansion of the Technical Government's Powers

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Vice-Chairman of the DA Platform Party, Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Alexandru Slusari expressed concern about the intention of a number of factions to support expanding powers of the current government. The day before, acting Prime Minister Aureliu Ciocoi moved for this at a meeting of the Parliament's Permanent Bureau, reports. Slusari posted his opinion on social networks, dissatisfied with the fact that "most of the deputies are discussing the issue of granting the Ciocoi government the right to sign international agreements and rectify the budget." "Following this path, we run the risk of keeping this interim government for an indefinite period. It will receive almost all the prerogatives of the legitimate executive power, but at the same time it will not be subject to parliamentary sanctions," said the deputy, who called this proposal "a political and criminal groups' dream." He believes that in the current situation Moldova will have to choose from three options:
  1. The legal government of the Şordon coalition (of the parties of Ilan Shor and Igor Dodon);
  2. Long-term deadlock and chaos with the current government, with almost full responsibilities and no early elections;
  3. A short-term democratic pro-European government that will solve the problems without violating the Constitution and ensure free and fair early parliamentary elections.
The last option probably implies the government proposed by the DA Platform. He recalled that the party expressed its readiness "to take responsibility for the government in this pre-catastrophic situation," proposing its leader, Andrei Nastase, as prime minister.