Unionists Developed a Program to Overcome Crisis in Moldova

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The political movement Unirea that advocates unification of Moldova with Romania, has developed an "economic program to overcome the crisis, resume development and create preconditions for improving life quality." The unionists explained that they are talking, in particular, about the restoration of the health care system, the development of agriculture, the improvement of infrastructure, energy efficiency, care for the environment,  infotag.md reported. According to their calculations, assistance from the EU, including Romania, for the implementation of the program may amount to 150-300 million euros per year and even more. "This will stimulate economic growth, which should increase from 1-5% per year to 5-10%. The union with Romania is the only solution that will provide an opportunity to solve problems and attract financing from 1 billion euros per year. All this will allow Moldova in a few years, stop being a poor relative of Romania and an orphan of Europe, "the unionists are sure.