Usatii: Dodon and Nastase Are Openly Cooperating

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Renato Usatii is convinced that Andrei Nastase is cooperating with Igor Dodon, which has been  observed since the last autumn presidential elections. According to Usatii, some prominent members of the DA Platform know about Nastase's “games” with Dodon. Usatii's statements were made in an interview for the NordNews portal, reports. “I had never criticized Nastase until he started playing for Dodon. Here are some illustrative examples. During the presidential campaign, Nastase viciously, and sometimes even dirty, lashed out at Maia Sandu, despite their previous partnership. His attacks against Maia Sandu were even more rigid than mine against Igor Dodon. My criticism of Dodon was constructive. During the presidential campaign, and even now, all Dodon's media put Andrei Nastase in the foreground. Dodon always calls me different names, as a talker and others. But at the same time, he says that Andrei Nastase deserves to be prime minister. Another example: during the presidential campaign, Andrei Nastase took third place in all Dodon's polls. Today, there is open cooperation between them," the mayor of Balti said. He added that Dodon helped Nastase to establish some kind of "ties" in Moscow. “Dodon is now helping him establish some ties in Moscow. Now, Nastase appears on television and says that materials proving Usatii's involvement in the Laundromat will be received from Russians soon. Nastase accuses me of Laundromat, despite the fact that he always told me that I had nothing to do with it. Today he is Dodon's mouthpiece. I know, the DA Platform has had many internal conflicts. There were conflicts with Igor Munteanu and Alexandru Slusari. They opposed such games with Dodon. But what is Nastase interested about? Andriusha is satisfied with food only. Dodon gives him something to eat and assigns tasks, without paying big money,” Usatii said.