Muresan: Michalko Is Fully Supported by EU. The Attacks from Shor and PSRM Are Unacceptable

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MEP Siegfried Muresan said that he chaired a meeting of the European Parliament Delegation on Relations with Moldova, at which a clear message of support was sent to the EU Ambassador to Chisinau, Peter Michalko. According to the MEP, the attacks of the Party of Socialists and Ilan Shor are unacceptable, reports. "Peter Michalko represents the European Union in the Republic of Moldova, promotes the fundamental values ​​of the Union and is in constant dialogue with political leaders, civil society and citizens of the country. During his mission in Moldova, Peter Michalko has been in permanent dialogue with all political forces in the country, regardless of their orientation. His work is very important to facilitate rapprochement between Moldova and the European Union, and we believe that he fulfills his mission successfully. That is why we do not accept the criticism from PSRM and Ilan Shor and reiterate our support for the activity of Ambassador Michalko in the Republic of Moldova. The European Union has consistently demonstrated its support for the development of Moldova. Peter Michalko is our representative, and we trust him," Siegfried Muresan wrote in social networks. Recall, recently the PSRM representatives accused the EU ambassador of interfering in the internal affairs of our country. The backlash came after a European diplomat criticized the work of the Audiovisual Council. The fugitive MP Ilan Shor, convicted by the first instance court in a bank fraud case, accused Ambassador Peter Michalko of "interfering in the internal affairs of the sovereign state of the Republic of Moldova." In response, the National Civil Society Platform of the Eastern Partnership and the ambassadors of 21 states responded to the public attacks on the European diplomat.