Chicu: Our Politicians Prefer Saving their Rating Not the People

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Ion Chicu noted that politicians in Moldova are now facing a "difficult dilemma", whom to save - people or political rating. At the moment, they prefer maintaining their rating. Ion Chicu wrote about this in his telegram channel. "Using someone else's hands to rake in the heat ... It seems that this is the strategy of our politicians in the fight against the pandemic. Nobody wants to take responsibility. No restrictions are introduced that do not like the" electorate "and can lower the rating ... The president only makes recommendations to others, as if Law 212 of 2004 does not explicitly state that a state of emergency can be introduced by parliament at the suggestion of the president, " Chicu said. He stressed that now is the time to forget about your rating. "Forget that the rating is dying, think that people are dying, you go to parliament and ask for a" quarantine "... Go to the Metropolitan, ask for forgiveness for your sins, declare that services should be suspended during Lent (as the one who did not think about the rating did last year) ... Gather representatives of the business community and honestly tell them, although you will kill your rating again, about the real opportunities that the state has to help in case of restriction of certain types of economic activity. You can of course also tell them that you have sent a proposal for business support measures to the Government, which is to improve the ODIMM website, will definitely keep the rating with that. Our politicians are now facing a "difficult dilemma" of who to save - people or political ratings. In the meantime, they prefer to maintain their rating. People are more patient, the "electorate" plays a major role,” Ion Chicu added.