Slusari: I Have not Seen a Politician More Cynical than Sandu

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Deputy of the DA Platform Alexandru Slusari criticized the decision by which the head of state, Maia Sandu, nominated Igor Grosu to the post of prime minister. The MP believes that this did not bring the country closer to early parliamentary elections, but consolidated the “toxic majority”, reports. On his Facebook page, the deputy again stressed that the head of state had nominated a candidate for prime minister without consulting her former alliance partners. “As far as I understand, a candidate was nominated who was not even discussed during the consultations and who recently spoke about the need to strengthen the government of Igor Dodon's advisor. I do not support such games and such an attitude towards the party, which for many years was an honest ally of Ms. Sandu,” Slusari wrote on social networks. The MP made accusations against the head of state and the socialist leader, stating that Dodon and Sandu held meetings prior to consultations in the presidency, at which they discussed the date for early elections while maintaining the current executive power. “I probably shouldn't have been involved in politics. I can't help but say these important things, although I understand that most of the society is still charged with hysteria and is under hypnosis. I have not seen a more corrupt president than Igor Dodon, or a more cynical politician than Maia Sandu. I repeat, I have nothing to lose and I am responsible for my words. Moreover, the president can confirm that I told her about it directly,” Slusari wrote on his Facebook page. Recall that President Maia Sandu nominated Igor Grosu to the post of Prime Minister after consultations with parliamentary factions, which took place on Tuesday, March 16. Also on Tuesday, Mariana Durlesteanu, who was nominated by the Socialists for the post of Prime Minister, announced that she was withdrawing her candidacy. The socialists challenged the legality of Grosu's nomination in the Constitutional Court and announced that today, March 18, the parliamentary majority will nominate its candidate.