Andrian Candu: We will Not Vote for Golovatiuc

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The leader of the Pro Moldova party, Andrian Candu, said that the political formation he heads will not vote for the PSRM and Shor candidate Vladimir Golovatiuc, who is nominated for the post of prime minister. The parliamentary group PRO Moldova will not support the candidacy of Vladimir Golovatiuc, who was nominated for prime minister by the parliamentary majority. The leader of the group, Andrian Candu, announced this on Facebook. He stressed that he is waiting for the program and the team to be presented by another candidate - Igor Grosu, who was appointed by the president,  reported. “The candidate nominated by the president in accordance with the Constitution must present the team and the program. Since 2019, when good people came to power, we have said many times - take responsibility and rule as you promised,” Andrian Candu wrote. According to him, the main political players continue to play for time and bombard the Constitutional Court with inquiries. “We can only look at this performance and endure the consequences of chaos and crisis, praying at least to get rid of Covid,” Candu added. Last week, the president nominated PAS faction leader Igor Grosu as a candidate for prime minister. PSRM challenged this decision in the Constitutional Court and nominated the current Ambassador of Moldova to Russia Vladimir Golovatiuc as prime minister. This candidacy was also supported by the "Shor" faction and the parliamentary platform "For Moldova". Thus, 53 deputies supported Golovatiuc's nomination.