PSRM and Shor party Insist on Golovatiuc's Appointment as a Candidate for Prime Minister

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The Socialist Party and the Shor Party insist that Vladimir Golovatiuc be appointed prime minister by the President. This announcement came on Monday after representatives of the two factions participated by turns in consultations with the President on the dissolution of parliament, reports. "PSRM does not accept unilateral decisions (by the President) on the dissolution of parliament," said PSRM executive secretary Vlad Batrincea at a briefing after consultations. He noted that there is a majority in parliament, which has nominated its candidate for prime minister - Vladimir Golovatiuc. "Therefore, the PSRM insists on his nomination and on the approval of a full-fledged government in order to get out of the socio-economic and epidemiological deadlock," the vice speaker of the parliament said. Batrincea believes that overcoming the political crisis is possible "only based on a dialogue" and the deputies will not tolerate "pressure or the adoption of unilateral decisions." The socialist said that the issue of organizing early elections could be discussed only after the situation in the country is stabilized. A similar position was expressed at a briefing by a deputy from the Shor party, Denis Ulanov. "The Shor party and the For Moldova platform, at consultations with the president on Monday, confirmed their position on the need to approve a new government, headed by the candidate for prime minister Vladimir Golovatiuc," the deputy said. He told the dialogue with the head of state was "frank and constructive." "The Shor party again referred to the parliamentary majority that has nominated a candidate for prime minister, and that "the country cannot exist for so long without a full-fledged government," Ulanov said, calling "utopian" the opinion that "early elections will end political differences, because the differences have gone very far."