Voronin: The Constitutional Court Should Refuse Deputies and the President Considering Endless Stupid Appeals

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Former President of the country Vladimir Voronin believes that any discussions on early parliamentary elections should be postponed until the epidemiological situation is completely stabilized. “You are obliged to as soon as possible form and approve a full-fledged government which will take upon organization and full responsibility for implementing measures to improve the difficult epidemiological situation,” the leader of the Party of Communists said in an address to the deputies and the head of state,  ipn.md reported. “I am overwhelmed with sadness and shame for what is happening in our country today. My sadness is caused by the fact that thousands of people fall ill and dozens of people die every day in Moldova. In this situation, patients are often denied hospitalization. Now the authorities are looking for opportunities to expand the territory of cemeteries, there are not enough coffins for those who have died and must be buried. A feeling of shame is causing the way the so-called ruling class of Moldova behaves in this terrible situation,” Vladimir Voronin said. According to him, in all countries affected by the pandemic, the political class is rallying, actively participating in overcoming this common misfortune, taking care of people's health, taking the necessary measures to save human lives. While in Moldova, those in power are preoccupied with the political fair of power distribution. “You have never met together to discuss the current situation and propose solutions to overcome the epidemiological and socio-economic crisis. Instead, you do not stop throwing mud at each other and provoke new waves of crisis that can no longer be overcome,” the former head of state said. According to Vladimir Voronin, in the current conditions, complex and unprecedented, it is necessary to first of all put an end to political battles and focus all efforts on saving people's lives. “In this context, I would like to draw the Constitutional Court’s attention to the fact that it should refuse both the MPs and the President of the country to consider endless stupid appeals coming from them,” the PCRM leader said. The politician argues that a full-fledged government which should be appointed as soon as possible must solve problems associated with procuring necessary medicines. It should also organize the process of country's population mass vaccination.