Chicu: The Party Program Will be Published Soon

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Former Prime Minister Ion Chicu said that in the coming days he plans to publish the main items of the Development and Unification Party of Moldova Activities Program, which is at the drafting stage. "To develop the country by bringing back pragmatic professionals and intellectuals and the most valuable people of our nation to the leading roles of the socio-economic and political life is a key element of the Program. The most valuable people from the fields of science, education, medicine, culture or business were pushed into the background by mediocrity and politicians with a dubious reputation," Ion Chicu wrote. He noted that it is important for him and his colleagues to communicate with citizens to discuss the main elements of the program, which will become a priority goal. "The Republic of Moldova and the people of our country will prosper, and the current difficulties will be overcome! Just as our ancestors were able to emerge victorious from many trials and tribulations throughout the centuries-old history of our people! The decision to create DUPM is based on our confidence in the fact that in a relatively short period of time the state of affairs in the Republic of Moldova can be changed for the better, and people's lives can be significantly improved. To that end, it is necessary to unite around what makes us stronger, and not around empty words that set us against each other and weaken as nation. For the past 30 years, the Divide and Conquer strategy has been the favorite behavior model of our politicians. To achieve power, they divided people into good and bad, into those who are for "east or west", who are "for or against". However, a divided nation cannot flourish, cannot hope for a better future. The division of society by politicians is also the surest way to cover up corruption and lawlessness, since the principle “we will not give offense to our own people” is common for both the left and the right, regardless of who is in power,” the politician said. He stressed that for a long time politicians have used various "slogans and baits" to "set us against each other: from utopias and geopolitical horror stories to interethnic enmity, from extremist nationalism to scenarios of federalization or rejection of statehood." "These fake, trivial smoke bombs were solely a cover for their intentions to come to power and continue the split of society. However, the division of society according to different criteria can have only one outcome - the disintegration of the nation and the loss of independence and sovereignty of the state. With each electoral cycle, unconsciously or deliberately, the political class brings us closer to collapse, and if we allow such an outcome, we will be damned by future generations and betray the memory of our ancestors. The PDUM team has set itself the task of uniting the citizens of the Republic of Moldova around common goals that unite, not divide us," Chicu added. He also noted that the country has to do a great job to achieve the goal of European integration. “To do this, we need to believe in our strength, as well as renew the trust of our European partners in the Moldovan political class. The people who live on this holy land have always been worthy and hardworking, endowed with great patience and determination. We have a noble goal and we are confident in success! Our Moldova is a bleeding heart. The country is dismembered by the barrier established on the Dniester, but also by the separation from its citizens who have gone abroad. The reintegration of the left bank of the Dniester and the creation of conditions for the return of the diaspora to their homeland are vital tasks for our people and a priority topic on the agenda of our political formation," the politician wrote. He stressed that the Development and Unification Party of Moldova is a center-right political party, whose views and goals are based on the determination to restore the rule of law, order and democracy - the necessary conditions for a genuine guarantee of human rights and freedoms, for the implementation of a liberal economic policy that stimulates economic development, so that increase the fiscal stability of the country and, indirectly, increase financial opportunities for the development of the social sphere. “Freedom of opinion and expression is a fundamental element of any developed society and a pillar of PDUM activity. Ensuring these freedoms is possible only in a strong democratic state that can protect the democratic freedoms of citizens, both in the face of state structures and in the face of radical elements of Moldovan politics. Ensuring due recognition and respect for human rights, as well as the rule of law, is the main condition for obtaining the prospects for the European integration of our state, which, accordingly, is an important priority for the party," Ion Chicu wrote. He added that the party intends to fight corruption through effective control over expenditures and revenues, combined with tougher penalties, and will strive to create an independent judiciary. PDUM intends to promote reform aimed, inter alia, at restructuring central government and local second-tier administration.