Michalko on the Second Tranche of Macro-Financial Assistance: Six Conditions Must Be Met

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Moldova can receive the second tranche of macro-financial assistance totaling 100 million euros, but Chisinau must fulfill 6 conditions and show political will. This was stated by the head of the EU Delegation in Chisinau Peter Michalko on the air of the program on the TVR Moldova channel. “The decisions to be made by Chisinau must be supported by the parliament, the government, which will really promote these measures and reforms. I can cite the macro-financial assistance program, its second tranche, as an example. Last year there was the first tranche, and now 6 conditions must be met for the second, and we expect them to be fulfilled. This tranche alone will bring about one billion lei to Moldova, but only after all the conditions are met. We do not want to see last year's situation happen again, when 800 million lei was lost at the end of the previous macro-financial assistance program. There must be a strong political will and institutions able to adopt these decisions, so that people and the country do not lose money,” the EU Ambassador said. Peter Michalko noted that in order to receive the second tranche, the parliament must pass the necessary laws, which have already been agreed upon. “These changes are important for the Republic of Moldova, so that it is better prepared, more functional, including after or during a pandemic, to reduce corruption. Steps must be taken to eliminate these negative phenomena, to change things for the better, because Moldova has potential, but it is not used. For example, attracting investments will be possible when these changes are made, so that investors who come are confident that justice is working properly and their rights will be protected,” the EU representative said.