Tauber: Many People Want Plahotniuc to Return

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Many citizens would like Vlad Plahotniuc to return to Moldova's political scene. This was stated by the deputy of parliament from the Shor Party Marina Tauber. The statements were aired on the Dreptul la replica show on the Stiri news portal. “I don't think he is still interested in Moldovan politics, which is a pity. To be honest, let's compare the situation in the country, when he was here and when he left. Today our country faces much disorder and chaos, much misunderstanding. And what's next? Yes, he did a lot, having a strong party, which practically does not exist today. If we analyze all the good projects for the country that have been implemented, we will see that the country had a future and there were people who wanted the Republic of Moldova to develop. Visiting the country, I heard many times that people want Plahotniuc to return to the country and participate in political life, because he was a good boss and could do a lot for Moldova. We should not judge everyone's merits based on the RISE material or other false news,” Tauber said. When asked whether the Shor party would accept Plahotniuc if he decided to return to politics, Tauber did not give a clear answer, but said that she respects this man, because “he was a successful businessman who made many things possible in our country”. Recall, the former leader of the Democrats, Vladimir Plahotniuc, left the Republic of Moldova on June 14, 2019, after the Democratic Party decided to cede political power.