Sandu Commented on the Interpretation of the Council of Europe's Response on Early Elections

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President Maia Sandu said that some Moldovan departments interpret the messages and statements of external partners in their own way, changing their meaning. As Sandu noted on April 13 on Cotidianul Live cu Dorin Galben, earlier external partners clearly stated that Moldova needs early parliamentary elections. The day before, the parliament published a press release, noting that the Council of Europe said in a response to Zinaida Greceanii that "the parliament cannot be dissolved if there is a parliamentary majority." However, the text of the letter contains no such statement. As Sandu noted, everyone understands how difficult the political situation is in Moldova. At the same time, according to Sandu, development partners highly appreciate the results of the presidential election, when people voted for reforms in the justice sector, fighting corruption, and building true democracy. According to Sandu, to ensure that this external partners' open attitude transforms into concrete aid, the composition of parliament needs to be changed. Sandu commented on how the parliamentary press service presented the meaning of the letter received from the Council of Europe. “This is the manner in which these institutions express their position. Then it turns out that we are misinformed while the substance is changed. Therefore, explanations and clarifications must be provided on occasions. There were enough clear messages in which our partners said that we need early elections. Because no one can understand how a parliamentary majority can be formed with the participation of the party involved in the theft of a billion,” Sandu said. Referring to the external partners' stance on early elections in the country, Sandu recalled the visit of the President of the European Council Charles Michel, who said at a press conference that Moldova needs early elections. Recall, on April 13, the Council of Europe responded to Greceanii's inquiry, stating that the circumstances for the dissolution of the parliament are specified in the Constitution of Moldova. The Council of Europe noted that it attaches great importance to the observance of the principles of democracy and the rule of law, which are based on the Constitution. The Council of Europe recalled that the Venice Commission had already given Moldova its opinion on the matter in 2019, which states that “the dissolution of the parliament, which the people elected in the course of free and fair elections, is an extreme measure that can only be taken with respect for the spirit and the letters of the Constitution”.