Filip Asks for Hearings in Connection with Tense Situation on the Ukrainian Border

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PDM leader Pavel Filip proposed to hold parliamentary hearings at the Permanent Bureau in connection with the tense situation in the region when Russian and Belarusian military units got mobilized on the border with Ukraine. “We are on our own in terms of physical and personal safety in the context of the COVID pandemic, but also in terms of national security. For several weeks now, military tensions have been mounting on the borders of our country. The situation on the border with Ukraine is becoming more and more tense and according to official Ukrainian sources,, today, a military contingent of 80 thousand people with appropriate military equipment is concentrated near the border, "the parliamentarian wrote, reported. At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that two American battleships equipped with missile launchers are to enter the Black Sea outside the schedule in the coming days. Moreover, the other day, the politician claimed, the United States handed over missile systems to Romania as part of a military cooperation exercise.  “Belarus has given an order to concentrate its military contingent not only on the border with Ukraine but also on the border with Poland. Russian troops mobilization was also observed in Transdniestria, along the perimeter of the military airport in Tiraspol. Since April 9, 2021, an active and rapid mobilization of the military has been underway. April 12, 2021 - the state of armament, military equipment, staffing was checked inside the GOTR. It is only 13 km from Tiraspol to the Ukrainian border. It's calm in Chisinau. In such moments of chaos, they take advantage of the lack of leadership to create even greater chaos,” the politician said. In this regard, Filip proposed to hear on the rostrum of the Permanent Bureau during a closed meeting of the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, the SIS Director on this issue. “I hope that politicians will find understanding, put off political struggle and focus on real priorities. We need to be informed and prepared for what might happen. The price is very high. The country's security is sacred,” the politician concluded.