Slusari: If a New Cabinet Is Not Formed by This Fall, Nothing Will Be Left of Moldova

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Vice-Chairman of the DA Platform Alexandru Slusari is disappointed with the work of the interim government and believes that it must be urgently changed. At the same time, the parliamentarian emphasizes the need to prepare for early elections if the Constitutional Court finds that the circumstances for the dissolution of the parliament have occurred, reports. "Legally, we will not have a government until the fall. Did you like what was happening in the Government today? Ciocoi came, but Nagacevschi was not there, and they were looking for him for two hours with a candle. Ciocoi starts every day with a request: "Please remove me from this position as soon as possible." And we hear that for another 5-6 months. Everyone saw how many bad decisions were made, how many decisions were made under the influence. He goes to Greceanii, then to Sandu, Ciocoi wants to leave, but Dodon and Sandu hold his hands and say, "Wait, we need a scapegoat." And now, if the circumstances are not confirmed, this "scapegoat" will formally head the Republic of Moldova for another 5 months. We see that this government fits for nothing. If the circumstances are confirmed, we must prepare for early elections. Otherwise it will mean "finish and all over again." It turns out that the last four months have been wasted, and we must look for a solution in the parliament in order to appoint a new government as soon as possible," Slusari said on the air of the Punctul pe AZi program on TVR Moldova. According to Slusari, if we do not have another government by autumn, nothing will be left of Moldova. "The statesmen want this government to remain. Well, this government can become the gravedigger of statehood. Until autumn, before another government is formed, nothing will remain of Moldova except Ciocoi, the coat of arms and the flag from his cabinet," Slusari concluded. Note that today, April 15, the Constitutional Court will consider the notification of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, on the occurrence of the circumstances for the dissolution of the parliament.