Bolea: I Hope the CC Will Cancel the State of Emergency

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Deputy Vladimir Bolea believes that the Constitutional Court made the right decision. All this because all the conditions to dissolve the parliament after the state of emergency is canceled were met. Vladimir Bolea, a PAS party parliamentary deputy, expressed his opinion in the program “Friday with Anatolie Golea”, reported. "You want the elections as soon as possible, therefore, you influenced the Constitutional Court’s decision. People say the decision was made under pressure", presenter said. “I think, it is for the first time in 30 years that this CC began to work as a CC. And it is precisely the decision that the Socialist Party does not lend itself to, they wanted, as under Plahotniuc, to lead the country. But our citizens understand very well that is not Maia Sandu to rule Moldova now, she who has 15 MPs in parliament. The former president, who has a parliamentary majority and a government is putting pressure on structures and he can really influence gas prices and all other components that can improve the lives of Moldovan citizens. Not Maia Sandu meets with the government in the evenings but the Speaker of Parliament, a member of the PSRM. This is a fact,” Bolea said. The deputy believes that the Constitutional Court made the right decision. Because all the conditions were fulfilled for the parliament to be dissolved. Everything else is fairy tales, fables: "As for vaccination, a document was signed at the COVAX platform, we will buy 2.5 million vaccines of European quality. And we will receive one and a half million vaccines as a gift." There was a heated debate in the studio over the vaccines they got from Romania. Odnostalco reminded they had promised 200 thousand vaccines but received only 70 thousand instead. Interlocutors stressed that "Maia Sandu wrote letters to Putin and other countries’ leaders, we are waiting for help." The presenter returned the disputants to the Constitutional Court’s decision. And requested answering when to expect new parliamentary elections? Vladimir Bolea hopes the next Constitutional Court’s decision to be abolishing the state of emergency in the country and then the date can be set. Odnostalco claimed that three people decided the fate of the country, one of them is a PAS party member. Bolea reminded about PSRM member Vladimir Turcan. The host moderated the ardor of the guests, because at one time they also voted for the composition of the Constitutional Court members and now this is not a subject for dispute.