PSRM Demanded Sandu's Resignation and Early Presidential Elections

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The Socialist Party (PSRM) held a meeting of the Republican Council on April 18, at which it adopted a declaration demanding the resignation of President Maia Sandu and an early election of the head of state. Also, the socialists decided to express no confidence in the Constitutional Court (CC), which allowed to dissolve the parliament. “PSRM demands the resignation of judges Manole, Sova and Rosca. Members of the Constitutional Court should be exclusively Moldovan citizens who do not have citizenship of other states and have not taken an oath of allegiance to any foreign state,” the socialists believe and add that the parliament can still elect their candidate, Moldovan Ambassador to Russia, Vladimir Golovatiuk, as prime minister. “If he is not appointed, all responsibility for the economic and epidemiological crisis in the country will fall on Maia Sandu, on the Western ambassadors and judges who support her,” the PSRM said. PSRM also stated that they are ready for early parliamentary elections, but noted that voting cannot be held until at least 600 thousand people get vaccinated in Moldova. Recall that on April 15 the Constitutional Court (CC) considered the request submitted by President Maia Sandu, in which she asked the court to establish the circumstances that allow the parliament to be dissolved. The court ruled that there is real need for the parliament to be dissolved.