Are Early Elections Expected in Moldova? Who Will Enter the Parliament? IRI Published Survey Data

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If parliamentary elections were held in Moldova next Sunday, five parties would enter parliament. This evidenced the poll data that the International Republican Institute (IRI) published on April 21. Also, the authors of the study found out if do residents of Moldova want early parliamentary elections, and who of the politicians enjoys the greatest confidence in them. Parliamentary elections According to the IRI poll, the largest number of respondents are ready to vote for the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) - 33%. The Party of Socialists (19%) got on the second place whilst the third place belongs to "Our Party" (6%). The Shor Party and the Dignity and Truth Platform (DA) each gained 5%. Among the parties that would not have entered parliament, the Party of Communists is in the lead: 3% of those polled are ready to vote for it. The Democratic Party (PDM) and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDMP) each got 2% of the respondents' votes, and the Liberal Party - 1%. 65% of the respondents believe that early parliamentary elections should be held within the next six months (38% "completely agree" with this scenario, and 28% "rather agree"). Another 13% noted that they "rather disagree" with the holding of early elections, and 16% were categorically against. Trust in politicians According to the poll, President Maia Sandu is the most trusted citizen of Moldova. 41% of respondents supported her. At the same time, the acting head of PAS Igor Gross is trusted by 2% of respondents. The second most trusted politician is Igor Dodon. He was supported by 19%, while the former head of the PSRM and the current speaker of parliament Zinaida Greceanii was trusted by 3% of respondents. The third place belongs to the leader of DA party Andrei Nastase (12%), and the fourth to the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii (11%). Ilan Shor and PCRM head Vladimir Voronin got 7% each. The rest of the politicians: Pavel Filip, Octavian Tsicu, Ion Chicu, Ion Ceban and Dorin Chirtoaca - received less than 4% of the respondents' votes. The survey was conducted from February 9, 2021 to March 16. 2 thousand people attended it. The error is ± 2.4%.